Parenting is hard, we get it.

Parenting is hard,
we get it.

bümo is here to make it easier for you.

Everything you need to know as a busy parent in one email.
straight to your inbox every sunday! (p.s. it’s free!)

Everything you need to know as a busy parent in one email. (p.s. it’s free!)

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We bring on licensed
professionals (Nutritionists,
Sleep Trainers, Psychologists,
and much more) so you only
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Physical space coming
in fall 2020!

Virtual School

Created to fill the need of parents
in need of options aside from
traditional schools. Our online
curriculum is backed by over 350
years of educators’ experience.

We are bümo.

We are here to make life easier for busy parents around
the world because let’s be honest, parenting is no joke.

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