New moms deserve some extra love right now, as they might be feeling a little more anxious and uncertain about the future than usual. Being in the midst of a pandemic on top of being sleep deprived and short on time for any kind of self-care, all moms have new stressors they’re dealing with. We truly hope you take a look at some of the products we’ve picked out, whether to help mama feel less overwhelmed or allow her to relax. 

by Bümo

by Shelly Rosenthal

Licensed Physical Therapist, Founder of Happy Potty Time, and Mother of 2

Ever wondered if it’s ok to exercise while you’re pregnant? We have a specialist who guides you through some simple tips to make sure that you’re staying safe while moving your body.

by Mahri

Pre and Postnatal Exercise Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer

The New Year is a time when we often think about money and how we’d like to budget it. Although this usually causes stress and fear for many, it doesn’t have to anymore! We’ve found a simple software, along with some tips, that will help you get started to make the most of the money that you have.

by Bümo

Last year was challenging for many of us. However through all of the ups and downs, we found ways to grow and find hope in the most unlikely places. Read some advice from fellow members of the Bümo community and see what wisdom they’re taking in 2021.

by Parents of Bümo

Parents of Bümo


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