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The BEST 2020 Labor Day Savings

Written by your friends at bümo.

"For every good deal, there are at least a handful of bad ones.
Here are quality products that are worth your hard-earned money!"

Labor Day is the best time of year to treat yourself. Do you need to replace your couch or toaster? Do you want to save on clothing for every member of the family? Labor Day is the day to do all of that! Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday have the best deals year-round, they are HIGHLY saturated days, so they often result in out-of-stock items — Labor Day is different. There are sales for up to 50% or more from top retailers, so take advantage of today! We’ve made it easy for you and broke down our recommendations by large items, biggest sales, and items that you’ll want to grab for each family member before the holidays hit.

Large Items

It’s well-known that the mattress and furniture pieces that you buy are long-term investments. On average a typical sofa lasts between 7-15 years, and a typical mattress lasts 7-10 years. That’s like raising a child all the way through toddlerhood and into their preteen years. If it’s time to replace a large item that will last you at least a decade, the time to invest is now! Here are some investments that you can make that are also amazing deals.

Biggest Sales

Have you always wanted the latest pair of Apple AirPods or needed that Baby Item Essential? Well, Labor Day is the day to grab those items because most of these items are at least 15% off the original price, and some are up to 50%! Don’t miss out on the biggest sale of the year. With the holidays coming up, you may want to purchase these amazing items early and store them away.

Items for Each Member of the Family

Here are items that will benefit everyone in the family: back-to-school essentials, home decor, home necessities, and the latest deals to replace your growing child’s necessities! We know how pricey it can get to please everyone, but with these Labor Day Deals, you don’t have to break the bank to find something that everyone will love. Remember, its a day to treat yourself too, so get something that will make you excited! After all, it’s Labor Day, a day to commemorate everyone’s hard work.

For every good deal, there are at least a handful of bad ones. So we took our favorite items and put together the deals we didn’t want you to miss out on. We do our best to recommend quality products that are worth your hard-earned money! At the end of the day, although material things aren’t the measure of happy you are, we want you to feel your purchase was worth it because you worked for it. You deserve it.

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