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The Best Advice From
Mothers About Being a Mom

Brought to you by some of our mothers of bümo
sharing their parenting advice in honor of Mother’s Day.

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding jobs ever. Also one of the scariest. In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve gathered words, mottos, favorites, and tips that some moms from bümo have to celebrate motherhood. Here’s some of the best advice for moms written by real moms:

“My biggest piece of advice for moms is to take care of yourself. Before you became a mom, you had needs and desires. That does not end once you give birth. This can be as elaborate as spa days, getaways, and shopping or as simple as going on solo walks, meditating, or taking a nap. Find space for yourself regularly.

When you’re on an airplane, they tell you to put your oxygen mask on before you help others. Similarly, as parents, we cannot give from empty tanks. Fill your tank so you can be a better mom.

I wake up before the kids to drink a cup of coffee in silence. I nap when they nap instead of cleaning. I go for walks when hubby gets home and listen to my favorite podcast.

Remembering myself is sometimes hard as a mama but it’s such important work.


“My mom always told me not to worry until I have to. With times like these that can be tough, but we try to just focus on each moment and enjoy watching our baby grow!”


“My best tip is doing 10 mins ‘legs up the wall’ pose daily before, during and after pregnancy! It’s incredibly rejuvenating, helps circulation, reduces swelling and tons of other benefits. 


Also it’s 10 mins of ‘mama time’ bonus point if you throw a face mask on while doing it!”


My motto is your self-care routine should be as structured as your kid’s nap-time routine. You can define your own way of self-care, but no matter what you have to do it and keep it up.

My self-care is defined as time for me to only think about myself. I make plans with friends or plan a date night with my husband. Having regular kid free nights is a life saver in an everyday busy world.”

My one piece of advice for any mom but especially new moms, particularly during the current state of affairs is- give yourself some grace. Be gentle with yourself. Being a mom, more so in the beginning can feel extremely isolating even when surrounded by people (although not now with shelter in place). So talk about it! The anger, the resentment, the confusion, the loneliness, the joy, the love…talk it out. Even when it’s hard to do so—more so when it’s hard.

Even if it’s just on your insta stories, because your community, your tribe, is bigger than you know.

There will will be days when nothing goes right and you feel like a sh*t parent…so feel the feels, but then release it. Give those emotions love & let them go.


Know that it is okay to do things differently.

Always follow your gut & do what works best for you and your family. With that said, best parenting tip: wine.”


“Motherhood involves this constant shift between change and control.

 We often struggle with finding the grace and balance to navigate through these shifts. Remember your most magical gift is your intuition. Trust that you are naturally capable to guide and pave a path for you and your babes.”



“Have a nightly routine to get yourself to relax before bed.



 I love to do a skincare routine with a mini facial and facial mask. While I wait I read for a bit to get my mind off things. Then I take a shower so I can lock the door and have more “me time”. While this doesn’t happen every night. I like to do this at least 2-3 times a week. It definitely relaxes me and I wake up the next day more refreshed!”

“My one advice would have to be “try to be perceptive of your child’s emotional and mental needs”.

My motto was “be strong, work harder than everyone else, and be successful”, which isn’t uncommon amongst many other Korean-American immigrants.

If I had a chance to do over raising my girls, my number one priority would be to be more perceptive of their emotional and mental needs to make sure they always felt secure and accepted irrespective of their accomplishments or merits. Because the truth was that they were accepted and loved by me and my husband no matter what grades they got or anything else they achieved.

One thing about parenting is that each child’s needs and temperament are so different and it seems like an ever-evolving task!”

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