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9 Unique Ways to Connect With Loved Ones During Quarantine

Written by your friends at bümo.

"Social distancing doesn't have to mean disconnection."

This pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives – from the way we work to how we hang out with our friends – everything is different when you have to consider social distancing. Although we all miss hanging out with our friends and loved ones in real life, it doesn’t mean we need to entirely disconnect. Thanks to technology, there are lots of different ways to get creative on how to connect with your loved ones virtually.

Social distancing does’nt have to mean disconnection.

Here are 9 unique and easy ways to connect virtually as we all continue to be quarantined at home…

1. FaceTime or Zoom.

This might be an obvious one, but FaceTime or Zoom is an awesome tool to connect and communicate with your loved ones regularly. Call your friends and loved ones at least once a week to stay in touch and see their faces! Lose track of time catching up with friends and family while doing the little things like folding laundry or making dinner. Make FaceTime or Zoom calls a regular ritual so you feel connected with your friends, even from a distance.

Woman Virtually Cooking

2. Have a Virtual Cook-Off.

Speaking of dinner, gather your loved ones together for a virtual cook-off! Whether everyone uses the same recipe or puts their own spin on the same dish, you can all cook together in real-time via Zoom and get things heated up! Here are some easy cookbook ideas for your next virtual cook-off!

3. Grab a Virtual Bite Together.

Whether you choose takeout from your favorite restaurant or show off your homemade meal, enjoy it with those you love! By grabbing a virtual bite to eat together, it’ll feel just like old times.

P.S. Here are some tips on how to safely pick up takeout or get food delivered to your home amid COVID-19.

4. Host a Virtual Book Club or Movie Night.

One silver lining of this quarantine is that a lot of folks are reading more books and catching up on movies that they’ve been meaning to watch!
If you’re a bookworm, start a virtual book club to talk about the latest best-selling books with your fellow readers. Not sure of what to read? Here are a few good reads to start with.
If you’re more of a movie buff, watch movies or shows together with Netflix Party, which allows you to watch Netflix with loved ones at the same time! Whatever you’re into, do it with your friends and family via Zoom or House Party!

Young woman doing working out exercise on floor at home, online training on laptop computer, copy space. Yoga, pilates exercising. Sport, healthy lifestyle concept

5. Home Work Outs & Meditation.

Move your body! It’s important to block out time in your schedule for regular physical activity and meditation. Whether you plan on doing a Pilates workout or going outside in your backyard for guided meditation, get your friends and family to take part too! Having your friends and family join in on the activity can help keep you accountable for your mental and physical health!

6. Catch a Glimpse of the Sunrise or Sunset.

Have a family member or friend that lives far away? Set up your device outside on a tripod and connect with them while watching the sunset. Nothing beats starting or ending your day looking out into nature with your loved ones!

7. Share Good Music.

Share your love of music! Whether you’re someone who plays an instrument or you have a great Spotify playlist, host a virtual hangout with those you love and take turns jamming out to favorite tunes. Have musically talented friends or family? Gather everyone up on Zoom or FaceTime and start a fun, live jam session!

8. Do a Pen Pal Swap.

Keep yourself and the kids connected with their friends by helping them write out and decorate postcards to each other. Organize a virtual group of your child and your friends’ children to make sure each child is getting a letter. Make it into a fun, virtual activity for the kids to color or decorate their postcards together and mail it out all on the same day!

Here are some fun ideas on how to add a personal touch to your postcards:

– Include your favorite recipe

– Origami & amp; washi tape

– Include photos of the kids and the family

– Start a handwritten Mad Libs games

9. Send a Care Package.

We may be far from the ones we love, but our thoughts of them are not! Send a care package to let them know that you are thinking of them, especially if they are isolated alone! This also is a great teachable moment for your kids to gain a greater appreciation of distant relatives. Fill the package up with the recipient’s favorite goodies:

Here are a few ideas of what to include in the gift:

– Their favorite snacks or candy

– A book by their favorite author

– Gift cards to local businesses that they frequent

– An aromatherapy diffuser + essential oils

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