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A Complete Gift Guide for Father’s Day 2020

Written by your friends at bümo.

This year, Father’s Day on June 21st is going to look a little different. There won’t be any trips or restaurant reservations planned, but we want you to be able to fully appreciate one of the most important men in your life – your dad!

At bümo, we know that every dad is unique. We also know how long it can take to pick out the perfect gift (especially in these circumstances). Skip the lines and order early using our Father’s Day gift guide. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best Father’s Day gifts – from a travel duffel bag for your on-the-go dad to use from work to the gym, to granite ice cubes to keep your weekend dad’s drink cold, and a wireless phone charger to keep up with your tech dad.

These are all things that our editor staff would gladly purchase for our own dads! Browse through our picks, we made sure to cover all different kinds of price points!

1. The Sporty Dad

The Sporty Dad goes out to throw the ball around on the weekend, jogs up and down the block, or heads to the gym right after work. If there’s anything we know about him, it’s that each gift should help him get up and move!

2. The Traveling Dad

This dad loves to take you and his other loved ones on an adventure. He may even travel frequently for work! Help him feel more comfortable on his work trips or weather the exotic terrain on his next adventure.

3.The Weekend Dad

The Weekend Dad lives for social gatherings and looks forward to unwinding every weekend! He is known to serve up a good drink, fire up the grill, and stretch out his legs. If there’s one thing that we know about his taste in gifts, it’s that comfort is king!

4. The Business Dad

This dad hustles through his busy week. Any gift that can help him get organized, look professional, and easily access his tech is very much appreciated. When he reaches for that gift you got him, he’ll be reminded of you during the work-day!

5. The Dressed to Impress Dad

This dad knows first impressions are vital. Whether it was at your school functions growing up or at the social gatherings that he hosted, your dad was always dressed for success! Get him clothing or an accessory that’s both stylish and functional.

6. For the Handyman Dad

Do you have a leak to fix? Is your laptop not working? Having car issues? Well, your dad is the first person you call. Everything he touches becomes fixed and proper again! Get him a gift that can help him be ready for any need-to-fix-it situation.

7. The Hipster Dad

The Hipster Dad is a bit of a rarity. He cracks dad jokes, but they work for him! He can wear what the trendy Instagram influencers wear, and he makes it look natural. He’s not afraid of jumping outside of his comfort zone when it comes to fashion. 

8. For the Coach Dad

In the bleachers at every school game and on the couch every football season, your dad is a man with a plan! He has a game plan for every situation and is your number one cheerleader. Get him something he can use everyday!

9. The Tech Dad

The Tech Dad is always browsing the latest gadgets. Maybe he works as a creative or for a large corporation, in either case, he likes to stay up-to-date with his tech tools. The gift you get him should have featured on his favorite tech reviewer’s channel.

10. The Cooking Dad

This dad’s passion is food. He believes in the power of food to bring people together. Food is an immersing experience for him, and he uses all five senses to experience his creation. Get him a gift that will help him explore new techniques in the kitchen!

We hope this gift guide helps you find the perfect gift for the unique type of father, significant other, father-figure in your life. No matter what you get him, the bond between the two of you should be celebrated!

Vocalize your appreciation for him, write a card, and give him a hug. We hope this list saves you time or gives you ideas on your own personalized gift! Happy Browsing!

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