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Best Fertility Apps and Devices

Written by your friends at bümo.

"Fertility apps and devices can be an extremely helpful resource in your toolkit to help you better understand yourself and your own biology."

Your phone might be the first tool you should turn to when you’re trying to conceive. There’s only a certain window each month that it’s possible to conceive, and that window varies from person to person. Today, technology can make tracking your cycle and fertility days so much easier. We rounded up the year’s best fertility apps and devices based on their useful content, excellent reviews, and consistent reliability.

Best apps

Take the guesswork out of your menstrual cycle with Clue, a period tracker app that uses science and research to dive into your personal biology. If you’re trying to conceive, the app can help you plan for pregnancy by letting you know when your most fertile time of the month is.. The more information you log, the easier it will be to spot patterns in your monthly cycle. There are over 30 tracking options, the ability to add custom notifications and an active website packed with information and resources about fertility, birth control, LGBTQIA, sex and more.

Flo is a health app used by over 145 million people across the world. The app was co-created by over 80 health and medical experts and uses AI technology to help you monitor your cycle and fertility. Period tracking metrics include things like start date and length, PMS symptoms, sleep, a step counter and more. The app then detects your peak ovulation days and helps you monitor your fertility symptoms. There’s also a pregnancy mode that helps you follow your baby’s growth and development if you become pregnant.

Glow uses a host of different data points to generate health insights that help you track and manage your reproductive health. The app includes an ovulation calculator and fertility calendar, a daily health log and even the ability to enter data about your partner, which can be helpful when you’re trying to conceive. You can track up to 40 different health signals like basal body temperature, sexual activity and more. There’s also the ability to access health resources and connect with a large online community.

This intelligent birth control app identifies ovulation by analyzing your basal body temperature. Learn about your own cycle, with daily updates that tell you where you are in your cycle, when you’re in the fertile phase, when ovulation is detected and predicted, and when to expect a period.

With a simple, discreet interface, this app makes it easy to track your cycle and get feedback about predicted periods and fertility days. Browse graphs for fertility, temperature, weight, moods, symptoms, period duration, and cycle length, and personalize your experience with a series of themes and fonts.

Eve is the be-all end-all app when it comes to fertility, sex, and your health. With a 28-day ovulation calendar, plenty of tools to log your sexual experiences (whether or not they involve actual intercourse), and a mood tracker, Eve gives you what you need to see your fertility in the context of your entire experience of your sexuality, taking away the sometimes cold calculus that seems to go into tracking your ovulation and menstruation.

It’s not enough sometimes just to know the details about your ovulation and menstruation cycles. Sometimes, you want to dive deep into your own data in the framework of the science around fertility itself, and this app gives you all the extra biological detail you need to become an expert on your own cycles. Best of all, you can privately share your info with your partner and create shared calendars around your cycles so you know exactly when to have sex and when not to if you’re trying to get pregnant.

The Ovia app uses a unique algorithm for accurate period and fertile window predictions, no matter how irregular your cycle. The app’s proprietary algorithms are based on the latest data in fertility research and help track your period and predict your exact ovulation and fertility window. Users with irregular cycles who are trying to conceive rave about Ovia and its ability to predict ovulation even when their period is all over the map.

Fertility Friend launched the concept of fertility tracking over 15 years ago (and 650,000+ pregnancies ago). It utilizes fertility charting—tracking your basal body temperature, also called your waking temperature, and your cervical mucus—to help you determine if and when you’re ovulating and which days in your cycle you’re most fertile. The app teaches you the basics of fertility charting and provides an in-depth analysis of your data to predict ovulation, fertility and early signs of pregnancy.

The Kindara App is designed to be useful when trying to get pregnant as well as when you’re not trying. It tracks basal body temperature and cervical fluid consistency to help determine your most fertile days. Whereas in the past, women tracking their cycles may have had to use homemade charts to log these fertility signs, the app makes it easy to collect your data and track your ovulation. There’s even a smart oral thermometer called Wink that automatically syncs with the app, taking the guesswork out of recording your daily temperature.

Best devices

Ava  is designed to identify your five most fertile days so you know the optimal time to have sex if you’re trying to conceive. It uses a sensor bracelet that you wear to bed each night that tracks things like skin temperature, resting pulse rate and breathing, then syncs and analyzes the information each morning to deliver fertility insights and predictions. Note that Ava isn’t right for you if you’re taking hormonal birth control, experience very irregular cycles or have PCOS. All you have to do is strap on Ava right before bed, then plug it in to charge when you first wake up and sync with the Ava app on your phone using Bluetooth.

OvuSense uses a small device that you insert into your vagina each night that fits like a tampon. It utilizes proprietary Core Body Temperature technology to help you accurately track your cycle, predict ovulation up to 24 hours in advance and figure out the best time to conceive. Unlike the Ava Bracelet, OvuSense works for people with PCOS, irregular cycles, and those taking birth control.

Clearblue’s monitor generates results personalized to your specific cycle, not based on general hormone data from other women. The monitor will also navigate changing hormones and cycles through urine tests completed each cycle, and it’s the only noninvasive method that tracks both LH and estrogen hormones. After your cycle has begun, simply turn on the monitor every day at some point during your six-hour testing window to know your fertile status and whether you need to take another test.

This device can accurately predict your fertility with continuous temperature readings. When you use YONO, the world’s first in-ear ovulation predictor, you can do it with your eyes closed. Simply wear the YONO earbud while you sleep at night and the tiny device records your temperature every five minutes. Then you sync the data with YONO’s app on your phone to plot a monthly fertility map to help you better identify when it’s best to try to conceive. Wear the YONO bud in the opposite ear than the one you typically sleep on, and charge it every morning for best results.

These apps aren’t foolproof, but we promise they are absolutely a start. Considering how much we use our phones for just about every aspect of our lives, it’s no surprise that insights into your reproductive health are just a few clicks away. Fertility apps and devices can be an extremely helpful resource in your toolkit to help you better understand yourself and your own biology. We hope that these devices help you pinpoint the best time of the month to conceive as well as make you feel better about the process emotionally.

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