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Body Guasha is a Gamechanger for New Moms – 5 Easy Tips to Promote Postpartum Healing

Written by Patricia San Pedro @patriciasanpedro_

Author of Face Fitness 

Founder of Sunina Skin

"I love that our bodies can create and heal in such a natural way. With the use of some of these tools it can help facilitate the act of self-care and self-love which is so important during this time."

I recently had my 3rd C-section and I would love to share some tips on how I recovered so swiftly and healthily the 3rd time around versus the other two times which were not as swift and extra difficult. I also want to share for the mama’s having a hard time, you have my support and would like to hopefully help you with these tips! I upgraded my body-care ritual to meet the demands of feeling good postpartum, especially after such a major abdominal surgery – for the 3rd time!

Do What You Need to Do to Focus on Your Overall Well-Being.

First and foremost, focus on taking overall great care of your well-being and make sure you have the coverage you need to recover well. Delegate all of the external distractions like your work or house chores, and cooking to your partner and community around you. Delivery food services like Uber Eats will be your most used app on your phone. I made sure to have tons of seaweed soup and lots of comfort foods while on bed rest. Keep your feet elevated and get as much rest as possible for the first 10-14 days. 

Incorporate Dry Brushing into your Routine

Then at the start of your 3rd week recovering, and only if it feels right for you, try incorporating dry brushing into your routine. Dry brushing is something I did 2-3 times a week starting at week 3 also. It was a nice way to exfoliate the body pre-shower. All of the dead skin cells are lifted away during this process and it is also so super invigorating to get this type of circulation from the dry brush. 

Click to learn how the steps on how to dry brush properly.

Body Gua Sha Does Wonders for Detoxing your Body

I started to Body Gua Sha specifically from head-to-toe daily from the start of my 3rd week postpartum. Gua sha is a traditional Chinese healing method using a smooth-edged stone tool to stroke your skin. This type of massage is also amazing for toning, sculpting, and strengthening the skin. Gua Sha lessens toxins in your body and promotes healing. 

Click to watch and learn how Patricia uses her Body Gua Sha.

I used very gentle and light pressure moving upwards along the body towards the heart when working the tummy or legs. I moved downwards when working the neck and chest. I also gently used my Gua Sha to heal the digestive path: starting from the right under-chest, moving downwards, then to the left, glide up, then back to starting position— going in this circular motion to create a healthy flow internally. Starting at week 6, I also started using the Moon Body Gua Sha by Sunina Skin to massage out the puffy incision on my stomach. It has been such a game changer in healing the look and feel of the scar. 

*Be sure to only start using gua sha after you’ve gotten clearance from your doctor that it is fully healed to stay away from any kind of potential infection. 

Try incorporating K-Beauty Scrubs into your Routine

K beauty scrubs are something I have been using since I was a teen! And I loved the effects of it for all body parts during my steam showers because it helps with the body exfoliation process. I feel extra rejuvenated when I do this and it also once again helps with circulation which is key to healing well and in a healthy manner. Plus, you will feel so great after and feel very glowy from head-to-toe afterwards! The idea behind all of these beauty tools with gua sha, dry brushing, and scrubs is to promote healthy blood circulation around the body.

Be patient with yourself and the healing process

My last but most important tip is to give your body lots of patience, love, and compassion! You and your body are a miracle! I love that our bodies can create and heal in such a natural way. With the use of some of these tools it can help facilitate the act of self-care and self-love which is so important during this time. You’re a divine goddess!

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