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Cultivating Your Inner Fire

Written exclusively for bümo by Kate McLeod, founder of Kate McLeod – a skincare line that leverages her knowledge of natural, plant based ingredients.

"Days I actually put my hands on my skin, felt myself, felt the warmth, the pulse, the life that was inside of me – I noticed a magic difference, a bounce in my step."

Hi, I’m Kate! As a former pastry chef turned beauty founder, I entered into the beauty industry through one of my favorite ingredients – cocoa butter – and the question, “What am I putting on my skin?” Ever since, I’ve sought to answer that question through a conscious approach to skincare with the knowledge of natural, plant-based ingredients. Our first product, The Body Stone, is a solid cocoa butter based body moisturizer that fits in the palm of your hand, and melts into skin on contact, for deep moisturizing results. Every product I bring to the line embodies everything I’ve loved, learned, and want to share. This year, I’ve learned how important it is to sustain my inner fire while adjusting to working from home full time. These are the practices that support me throughout the week.

Morning Rituals

It’s hard to get out of bed. But creating a ritual to look forward to, does wonders for sustaining boundaries for “you” time. I am a lover of the snooze button – but I’m filled with frustration 45 minutes later when I no longer have enough alone time before Ollie wakes up. Holding yourself to an alarm, and creating space to do one thing for you in the morning, sets the tone for the rest of the day. Maybe it’s meditating, journaling, or stretching right when you wake up. Even pouring yourself a morning cup – I’m a fan of Sun Potion blitzed with coconut oil, dates, and cinnamon – can become a ritual of its own. When I have time for myself before I start my morning routine with my son, I have more energy, and sit down to work feeling excited for the day.

Moving Your Body

Remind yourself – you have a body. Moving it will stir up the stagnancy after a year of staying home. Whether you’re bringing small gentle movements into your day, or you’re committing to a high intensity work out session, bringing awareness to your body will take you out of your head. No matter the time you have, if you’re present, if you’re sending energy and awareness to your muscles…it’ll feel good, and bring you back to center.

Working With Your Hands

Working with your hands can be a therapeutic way to feed your flame.  Above all else, I am a maker – I love working with my hands, my medium of choice, cooking!  Chopping, sauteing, and blending brings deep relaxation to my day.It’s magic! Creating a taste, a flavour, an experience…it can feel like you’re participating in something larger than yourself.


If you haven’t stopped and noticed the power of a few deep breaths, it’s time. Life can feel like a rollercoaster –speeding up, slowing down, lots of highs and lows. Allowing yourself to feel your feelings is important, but equally important is your ability to process these feelings to heal and move forward. Taking deep breaths through the hard moments can bring focus, and a sense of slowness when things feel like they’re speeding past. When I choose to take a conscious deep breath – things instantly slow, and bring me back to a space of protecting my energy. 

Connecting With a Friend

Everyone is different.  And the ways we recharge can vary. But after so much time spent in the house, we all could benefit from connection. With focusing on distance and safety for the past year, we’re all feeling a lack of intimacy as a result of less face to face engagement. Meaning its more difficult to be vulnerable. Personally, I’ve felt more starved for connection, and more terrified of it than ever. But I’m also intoxicated by the comfort it can bring. Calling on your community – making time for friends and family– is an important part of sustaining yourself. Call, text… I even love a voice note or two… and drop in with the people you can speak with on a real, raw, level.


As adults, it can be difficult to remember how to play! When you bring play into your relationships, you connect– and you’ll feel supercharged.  Play necessitates vulnerability – when you feel safe enough to really play, it can be incredibly supportive and healing. I play with my partner.  We don’t do this as often as we’d like – we’re actively carving out more time and space for it. Less planning, more room for synchronicity, more room for magic. When I play with others – dancing, cooking, swimming, exploring – I return to my desk on Monday feeling a tidal wave of support.

Get To Know Your Body

Getting to know my body has been the most important practice in sustaining my inner fire. Self care can be challenging to define on a personal level, it isn’t a one size fits all phrase that looks the same for each individual. The Body Stone began as my personal practice of getting to know my body. Days I actually put my hands on my skin, felt myself, felt the warmth, the pulse, the life that was inside of me – I noticed a magic difference, a bounce in my step. Today, I’ve brought the Dry Brush into my routine as well. Dry Brush, shower, Body Stone – brushing preps my skin to absorb all the nourishing vitamins and minerals in the Stone. Take the time to feel your body, and appreciate it. I promise, it will bring you closer to the fire that makes you, you.

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