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Rebecca Minkoff’s Tips on How To Set Goals and Achieve Them

Written exclusively for bümo by Rebecca Minkoff, entrepreneur and mama to 3 kids.

"Your goal is the thing are you striving for
and the end product you want."

Yes, year after year you find yourself starting out strong, and then March hits and you are like f***-it. I know, been there. So here are some tips I use to ACTUALLY achieve my goals and make what I want to have happen manifest. And don’t worry, it does not include closed-eyed, chanting on a mountain top!

1.) State your goal

Your goal is the thing are you striving for and the end product you want. And hate to burst your bubble but it’s not ever “being famous on Instagram or making more money.” It’s the thing that will give you that as a result but it isn’t the goal. Here are some examples of goals: Grow my business from 1M a year to 5M, re-do the nasty kitchen, or even get a 6 pack back.

2.) Break down even the tiniest steps for each goal

There are short team targets and long term targets and it helps to identify these so you know how to strategize them long term. Add deadlines to these!

3.) Write your goals down onto a list 

Write these steps out into doable, crossoffable mini-steps. This is something you can get done DAILY. Let me tell you it feels damn good to cross this off and get your list completed.

This is a summary of how I break down my goals, big and small and somehow it becomes more confrontable, and achievable and DONEable!

I have used this over and over again to produce a fashion show, launch my podcast, start the Female Founder Collective and it pays me back in spades. I get better each time and always go back to this method to get stuff done. Don’t forget that if you have a team and as part of getting the team to get on board with your goals, you must share this with them and if they don’t get on the train, boot em! I have spent more time repairing the damage done by people not on the “team” than any other single action in my career. I make mistakes too don’t get me wrong but its key to have people in the rowboat, helping you get to the destination. I hope this helps and makes you take those goals and crush them!

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