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Stay Safe! Outdoor Essentials for COVID-19

Written by your friends at bümo.

"The only way to enjoy summer and to make long-lasting memories is to be healthy, safe, and prepared!"

Going outdoors or on a trip is highly discouraged under these conditions. However, as stay-at-home orders persist in many parts in the country and around the world, families are getting increasingly ansty. Going outdoors is one method that families are turning to in order to get a breath of fresh air! We know as summertime is coming to an end, more families may want to venture outdoors for one last salute to summer!

Stay prepared! We want your family and other families to stay healthy year-round. We’ve public collected some of our favorite essentials for all the low-to-moderate risk activities, like camping, road trips, picnics, and outdoor family activities that you may do before school begins this year! We’ve made it easy for you – click to buy the items on our checklist! The only way to enjoy summer and to make long-lasting memories is to be healthy, safe, and prepared!

Road Trip

COVID-19 has instilled a love for road trips in people as it’s something many people can enjoy together with plenty of physical distance. Road trips are considered low-risk activities. Keep a safe distance from other people at rest stops and enjoy takeout at remote areas!


Camping is considered low-to-moderate risk. If you go camping only with your family, then it is low-risk! Take your little ones out to explore wildlife, observing the creepy crawlers on the ground and the birds in the tress. At night, tell a story by the fireplace.


Picnics are a low-risk activity that takes little preparation to do. If you want to stay local, find the nearest park, pack up your family’s favorite dishes, and enjoy each other’s company outdoors. Remember to clean up after yourselves and take child-safe bug spray (below). 

Family Fitness

Tired of walking around the block as a family? Try mixing it up by using a deck of kid’s exercise playing cards (below) or do some indoor yoga with your child. We’ve linked a kid’s size yoga mat just for them (below). Have your little one join you in your daily exercise routine and make it a family event!


Gardening is a low-risk activity that can teach life skills to your little one. It teaches kids patience and gives them an understanding of how to care for something. Make it an educational activity by explaining how photosynthesis works! It’s an activity that can be very rewarding to the whole family, your little ones can experience the fruits of their hard work!

Outdoor activities always involve some risk of contracting COVID-19, which is why you and your family should follow important public health guidelines. If you are going outdoors before back-to-school, please practice good public health hygiene such as washing your hands, not touching your face, social distancing from others, and wearing a mask. The summer of 2020 may have been different from the previous summers, but remember that the summer vacation feeling starts at home with the little things.

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