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The Only Holiday Gift Guide You’ll Need
to Avoid Procrastination.

Written by Your Friends at bümo.

"To help you break the procrastination loop,
here are gifts that check off most (if not all) the boxes."

With the holidays fast approaching, we don’t want you to be in the position that so many of us are susceptible to; one minute, you think “there’s still time,” and the next minute, you’re at Target the night before the festivities begin for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, The Lunar New Year, etc. We’ve all been there, and your procrastination comes down to one thing — you’ve been mulling over the question, what do I get them this year?

And there are good reasons why this question leads so many people down the path of last-minute gift purchases. You want something meaningful, you want something that is enriching, you want budget-friendly or luxury, and you want something that they can use over and over again. All these desires conflict with your day-to-day schedule. Who has time to think about all of this? To help you break the procrastination loop, here are unique gifts from our favorite brands that check off most (if not all) the boxes.

P.S. Look for the Deal Alerts throughout the gift guide to save on amazing brands. Get a bang for your buck!

Baby Essentials

Lalo products are thoughtfully-designed to fit right into your life. Their design philosophy is less is more, while they bundle their products to give you more for less. Lalo is also committed to making family life better by donating a portion of sales to nonprofits focused on issues of fertility, perinatal care, and education.

The Chair
The Chair is a first of its kind 2-in-1 high chair + play chair combo that shrinks as your little one grows. Once your little one is out of the high chair phase, you can conveniently convert The Chair into a Play Chair.

> Buy Now

The Play Kit
Sleek, sturdy and designed to look good in any home, The Play Kit is built for daily playing, learning, and creating.

> Buy Now

Home Essentials

Deal Alert!
Get 20% off a FamoKids Playmat + FREE shipping! Use code 'BUMOSURPRISE' at checkout.
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For the modern parent that values style and meaningful aesthetics. This means no matter how good something looks, it’s of no use if it isn’t easy to manage and clean. If you love earthy tones and take every opportunity to create an environment of intention, then FAMOKIDS products are for you. We are an eco-friendly and sustainable company. FAMOKIDS is founded by a mom for moms.

Crystal Collect Play Mat OR Play Mat + Table Set Bundle
Thoughtfully designed, our play mats double as an exercise mat for parents, while looking like a rug. Each mat is…
– 100% organic and free of all toxins
– Super easy to clean up
– Comes in 5 shades
– Completely customizable to fit any space
– Doubles as a yoga mat

> Buy the Crystal collect Play Mat
> Buy The Mat + Table Set

Custom Family Portrait
Want something budget-friendly and customized? Our FamoArt Custom Portrait is Minimal and chic.

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Children’s furniture that is built to last, be displayed proudly, and move throughout your home as your children do. Thoughtfully constructed, each piece will see generations of adventure. Franklin + Emily products are made with carefully chosen materials and finishes that are safe for your family, home and the environment.

Learning Tower
Now your kids can move their Learning Tower beside you in the kitchen to help cook at counter height, all while remaining safe and secure. The Learning Tower can be used bathroom to help them brush their teeth, or in the laundry room — with it’s wide array of uses it will elevate your little one so they can engage and learn through everyday activities.

> Buy Now

Desk+Chair Set
The Desk+Chair Set features built-in storage for books + pens, a water-bottle holder + holes for cords and chargers, and comes with a chair that can be stowed completely beneath the desk — providing your little one with space to work and learn that can easily be kept neat + tidy.

> Buy Now

Just For Her

Deal Alert!
Right now, you can get 15% off your first month's subscription. Use code 'BUMO15' at checkout.
Offer valid until 1/31 11:59 PM PST

Perelel prenatal vitamin & supplement packs adapt to your changing body’s needs throughout your motherhood journey. By offering only high-quality, bioavailable ingredients at doctor-recommended doses each Perelel Pack is tailored to your exact phase: preconception, 1st, 2nd, 3rd trimester, postpartum and beyond. Founded by moms, made by OB/GYNs. Perelel’s mission is simple: More healthy babies and more healthy moms. For every new subscription, they donate a supply of prenatal vitamins to underserved women.

Your subscription could include…
Conception Support Pack
1st Trimester Prenatal Pack
2nd Trimester Prenatal Pack
3rd Trimester Prenatal Pack
Mom Multi Support Pack

> Buy Now

Educational Tools & Toys

If you have a little one obsessed with dinosaurs or the great blue sea, or you’re looking for something both the adults and kids would LOVE, BümoBrain will be selling 3 different Holiday Craft Packages for a limited time only. Give a gift that’s truly unique and cater to their interests.

Holiday Craft Box
From craft kits, to the Sanctuary Candle, these are our Co-Founder Chriselle’s favorite holiday things for the kids and herself to cozy up with this Winter. For children up to 6 years old.

Dinosaur Discovery Box
Explore the world of dinosaurs with our fun, hands-on learning craft box with our friends Rexxi and Bronti from Bellzi. For children up to 6 years old.

Under The Sea Box
Explore the depths of the sea with this Under the Sea Sensory Box designed by Mandisa of Happy Toddler Playtime, an early childhood expert. Featuring Bellzi plushies. For children up to 6 years old.

> Buy Now

Practice Smart Money Habits! This easy-to-use piggy bank helps kids develop and practice good money habits. Save, Spend, Give: Three separate drawers, each with its own purpose, allows kids to be intentional about how they save.

Promotes Financial Literacy & Charity. The Piggy Box teaches kids financial skills like budgeting, goal-setting, and track spending.  Due to it’s functional design with a coin and a bill section, kids organize and arrange their money. Unlike traditional piggy banks, money is easily accessible and trackable.

Free App Included! Kids can track their savings and spending with our free app. Download it in the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Kids learn to manage their money

> Buy Now

Toys for Different Ages

Using only all-natural ingredients and color from plant-based sources, The Dough Project creates a world of kid-powered playing with jars of fresh playdough and DIY Mixes that come packed with everything you need to make your own dough at home.

Jar Packs
Available in packs of three, six, and nine, these jars are packed with fresh playdough made with all-natural, non-toxic ingredients and colored from plant-based sources. Even better, you can seal your jars with custom tops to give it a personal touch!

> Buy Now

Skip a trip to the grocery store! The DIY Mix comes with easy step-by-step instructions and all the ingredients you’ll need to make dough at home — just add a grown-up and a stovetop.

> Buy Now

Deal Alert!
Right now, if you purchase ANY Milton & Goose product, you'll receive one-month free to BümoBrain's Daily Learning Program! Use code 'MILTONANDGOOSE' at checkout.
Offer valid until 12/5 11:59 PM PST

Made in the USA, of the highest quality, safe, and beautiful playthings for your children. Milton & Goose pieces are designed to be enjoyed from day to day, sibling to sibling, and generation to generation. Milton & Goose work with small, independently owned workshops to create one-of-a-kind products.

Essential Play Kitchen
The Essential Play Kitchen is a luxury toy that has interactive features. Your little one will be whipping up an original recipe with this perfect canvas for imaginative play. Add on the Dairy Play Food Set or the M&G Jars.

> Buy Now

Hudson Dollhouse
Inspired by traditional architecture with classic touches and a modern twist (hello, oversized windows!), the Hudson Dollhouse lays the perfect foundation for playtime for any lucky child!

> Buy Now

No matter what you are giving to your friends and family, remember that the holidays are ultimately about the love you share in your community. You’ve done so much for your community this year, so mom or dad, treat yourself too! As always, let’s remember the core of any gift should always be with the other person in mind. At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts!

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