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The Most Essential Questions To Ask When Choosing Childcare

Written by your friends at Bumo

Selecting childcare for your little one can be a daunting task; how will you know what the right fit is? As parents, we want to be certain that we’re putting our children in safe environments that will help them flourish and develop. It can be overwhelming and intimidating to start the childcare search with countless options available; will it be the right choice for your child? For you? For your entire family? Although it can be difficult to know where to begin, we’ve compiled a list of necessary questions that you should ask when deciding between different childcare options for your family so you feel empowered to make the right decision.

1. Is the childcare facility licensed?

This will help you trust that your child’s health and safety are the top priority and that steps have been taken to ensure this.

2. What COVID safety measures are in place?

Despite COVID cases improving overall, there is still a looming threat of illness so it’s incredibly important that the facility has strict and adequate safety protocols to keep everyone healthy and safe.

3. Will there be any structure throughout my child’s day?

Children thrive with routine – what does the facility have in place for a daily schedule? Do they even have one? Or will children be left to entertain themselves all day?

4. Will any educational aspects be integrated into childcare?

It’s likely that your child will be spending a significant amount of time at their childcare facility so it’s extremely beneficial to select one that integrates educational content and learning opportunities, such as BumoWork.

5. What ages (of other children) will my child be interacting with?

While it’s great for children to interact with peers of different ages, extremely young children mixed with older ones can pose a potential injury/safety risk.

6. What are the hours/days that the facility is open? Weekends?

Make sure that the childcare options available will accommodate your family’s schedule.

7. How much will this cost? Are there various options/plans?

Nobody wants to keep changing their childcare, so select one that is financially sustainable for the family.

8. What certifications/training do the childcare workers have?

There’s nothing worse than leaving your child with someone who you don’t trust. Be certain that all of the staff present at the facility (no matter their role) are CPR/First Aid certified, have passed background checks, and have any other certifications that you think are necessary.

9. Is there a waiting list?

If you need childcare immediately, this is an incredibly important question to ask.

10. How many children are allowed at the facility at once?

In regards to COVID safety measures, as well as their general safety.

11. What is the protocol for dealing with sick children? (Other illnesses than COVID)

If your little one falls sick while there, will you be expected to pick them up? Keep them home when they’re running a fever? Be clear on what their expectations are of you.

12. What food/snacks are provided? How do you deal with children with allergies?

Are you allowed to pack your child lunch? If it’s provided at the facility, find out what they’ll be feeding the children, how often, and what you can expect if your child has a food allergy.

13. What (physical) safety protocols are in place?

Has the facility been childproofed? Make sure to visit the space in person and take a good look around to ensure that your child won’t be in harm’s way.

Looking for education-based childcare that your child will love? BumoWork, located in Los Angeles and powered by BumoBrain, is an environment that fosters your child’s growth and development while they play alongside their peers with state-of-the-art toys. The best part? You can also join in on the fun by using their coworking spaces to accomplish the day’s tasks while your little one is a stone’s throw away. High-end amenities and various resources await you and your child so make sure to learn more about everything that BumoWork has to offer!

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