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The Top 10 Essentials to Ease New Moms’ Stress

Written by your friends at Bümo.

"As a new mother, it can be incredibly hard to take an extra minute to take care of yourself."

What a strange time to be a new mom, huh? Being in the midst of a pandemic on top of being sleep deprived and short on time for any kind of self-care, all new moms have new stressors they’re dealing with. Ahead, we’ve assembled some gift ideas for new moms that might make their lives a little easier in the coming months, from time-savers to soothers to cozy things that can provide some much-needed pampering.

Ice rollers are all the rage for releasing facial tension including tight jaw muscles and de-puffing the undereye area. This budget-friendly roller is easy and calming to use—all you need to do is pop it in the freezer for a few hours and it’s good to go for soothing tired eyes.

When you’re a new mom with a busy schedule, it’s easy to sacrifice self-care. This body-care set, which includes body lotion, body wash, belly butter, and a dry brush, is scented with energizing oils like mandarin orange and bergamot. Plus, all of the formulas are hypoallergenic for mamas with sensitive skin.

Sleep is essential—and hard to come by. Hatch Restore combines a sound machine, sunrise alarm, smart light, meditation app, and an alarm clock into one smart sleep assistant. Enjoy wind-down content that prepares the mind & body for sleep, and wakes you to a custom Sunrise Alarm that supports healthy cortisol levels.

From capturing tiny footprints to recording their firsts, this thoughtfully constructed, gender-neutral baby book is sure to become a treasured family heirloom. It even comes with a baby keepsake box and pouch to keep precious memorabilia in one convenient place.

Drinking water is a must as a new mom, but with a thousand things going on, it’s easy to neglect yourself. Bobble’s Infuse bottles are lightweight and super easy to carry while pushing a stroller or nursing your little one. The bottles allow users to add simple pieces of fruit or vegetables (think lime, lemon, orange or cucumber) and contain a filter cage to prevent small pieces from flowing back through the nozzle –so you get the flavor water without the bits.

Who hasn’t had a moment where the stroller has tipped over accidentally because you’ve hooked too many bags onto the handles? This bag has two snaps that allow you to evenly distribute the weight of the bag and its contents without having to worry about the stroller tipping over. The best part is that it’s washable! 

How about making life less complicated with a multi-functional bra? This bra is super comfortable and extremely versatile – whether you’re nursing, going for a walk or performing light exercises, you can continue wearing the Bravado bra at all times. It has a simple front snap closure and offers sports bra type support for below your chest. Finding something that doesn’t restrict movement is ideal post baby and well into motherhood. 

If you’re a new mom waiting for milk to come in, there’s certainly not much you can do except try to stay relaxed and patient. But focusing on lactation friendly foods postpartum can help. Barley & Oats is a fresh, organic meal delivery service that offers a variety of options including meals and snacks focused on being lactogenic, and tasty! The lactation snacks and gifts are shipped nationwide. 

You know you’ll need the maternity leggings—might as well grab the best possible ones. These ones have amassed glowing reviews for having the best quality fabric. “These maternity leggings also surpass expectations when it comes to breathable comfort, all-day wear, and still looking brand new after countless washes,” one reviewer said.

More absorbent and durable than cotton, these Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads are washable, reusable, and ultra-soft. Contoured to fit the shape of your breasts, the pads are the perfect thickness to absorb breast milk without showing through your clothes. Ideal for sore nipples and nursing mothers’ sensitive skin.

New moms deserve some extra love right now, as they might be feeling a little more anxious and uncertain about the future than usual. As a new mother, it can be incredibly hard to take an extra minute to take care of yourself when you’re suddenly aware of the fact that you are responsible for a brand new human. We truly hope you take a look at some of the products we’ve picked out, whether it’s to help mama feel less overwhelmed or allow her to relax.

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