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8 Great Wellness Products For Parents And Little Ones

This supplement pack is full of everything a mama needs to support postpartum recovery. 30 daily pill packs contain collagen, as well as omegas, and an anti-stress blend that all work to keep you functioning optimally.

Created by UCLA Neuroscientists, these all natural, plant-based bars are made to improve your mental output and productivity, and reduce stress! These are sure to help your memory, as well as your focus throughout the day, no matter what task you’re dealing with.

If you’re in need of something that will relax and renew your mind and body, look no further. Perfect for a bubble bath, the foaming soak has rosemary, thyme, and clove, to ease muscle tension (which undoubtedly most of us have after spending so much time being sedentary this year).

An essential oil blend of lavender, frankincense, ylang ylang, and cedarwood work together to give you your best night’s sleep. Full-spectrum CBD mixed with hemp seed oil moisturizes parched, winter skin while putting the mind at ease as well.

After months spent indoors, this is the perfect item to help get you back in tip top shape. This pillow works well on a chair, sofa, recliner, or even car seat, to improve your posture and get rid of back pressure. Made from ultra comfy memory foam, this is perfect for your desk while working from home, and for your couch.

Your little one can make their own ornaments and gingerbread house with this creative wellness set. While they’re getting hands-on with crafts, you can take a break and relax with face and body products from ROC, Elemis, and Each & Every. You’ll also find Barriere face masks for your child as well!

These medical grade face masks are the perfect way to keep both you and your little one healthy and safe this season. Not only are they super high quality, but they come in countless colors and designs so that you can look, and feel, your best.

A plant-based cleanser gentle enough for your little one’s skin, this product cleanses and moisturizes like a dream! Totally versatile, it can be used as a bubble bath, everyday wash, and/or shampoo.

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