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20 Minutes of Serenity For Parents

How the right kind of play can give us all a much needed breather. 

Being a parent is undeniably a magical and rewarding endeavour. But it’s no secret that the work-life juggling act is incredibly tough. Then you add a pandemic into the mix, and, well, let’s just say that it conjures up the image of a solo circus act where you’re juggling multiple balls in the air while riding a unicycle on a tightrope desperately trying not to drop anything or fall down. Is it just me or is the tent on fire, too?

In a world where all our plans have been upended by the pandemic, never-ending to-do lists, or just the sheer unpredictability of life, it can sometimes feel disheartening to hear well meaning advice that falls in the “that-sounds-great-I-want-to-try-that-but-where-can-I-find-time-to-do-this” category. We put enough pressure on ourselves to be the perfect parents as is.

At the height of the pandemic last year, a small business called Toyish Labs launched a new type of building toy for kids ages 4+ called Clixo. Unlike the rigid, geometric blocks and tiles that we’ve grown up with (and have inevitably stepped on at least once, much to our chagrin and rage), Clixo is built differently, with rounded shapes, and flexible pieces that enable kids to build 2D and 3D creations that can be connected, curved, hung, looped, or even worn.

The play system has been described by other parents as “satisfying to play with” and “addictive in a good way.” The multisensory clicks and grooves built into the toy combined with the endless build options have managed to captivate kids and inadvertently given parents the best gift ever in the middle of a hectic day – a sweet pocket of joy and serenity to simply get stuff done without your little one yelling “Mom!” every few minutes.

Unlike so many other toys, Clixo completely engrosses kids. In other words, it’s not one of those toys that should warn “parent involvement mandatory” on the instruction manual. You just pop it open, put it in your kids hands, and they’re off to the races.

As an open-ended building toy, Clixo prides itself at being an “antidote to overly structured playtime.” With kids being increasingly reliant on elaborate instruction manuals and on building things “the right way”, Clixo was created as a back-to-basics-but-better toy with no right or wrong way to build.

This allows kids to be engaged and to fully explore their creativity in a screen-free, hands-on, completely organic way. Best of all, it’s quick to clean up since the pieces are minimalist and can be clicked into a neat stack. (Parenting Pro Tip: Turn it into a game and challenge your kid to see how fast they can stack it into a pile).



For little ones that require a little bit more structure, Clixo offers resources on their website such as step-by-step videos, family game suggestions, and activity ideas created by some NYC DOE educators. (Again, breathe a sigh of relief as a parent who doesn’t need to come up with those challenges themselves. There are plenty more moments of serenity available with all the ideas Clixo offers). It’s no wonder that Clixo has been adopted in some schools and daycare centers, including BumoWork.

P.S. We’re happy to share this fun educational toy with our Bumo Family with a 10% coupon code for the entire month of May. Just head over to the Clixo site and use code ‘bumo10’ to grab 10% off any pack (and grab your few precious moments of serenity).

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