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5 Kid-Friendly Activities for Birthday Parties

Written by your friends at bümo.

For many kids growing up, some of their fondest memories come from their birthdays. As parents, it is our job to make them feel especially celebrated and praised on their special day. However, from the event planning to the guests’ invitations, birthday parties can feel like a lot of stressful work. Don’t even get us started on the expenses…everything adds up. 

Here are 5 Kid-Friendly Activities for Birthday Parties. We hope this can give you a few good ideas for your child’s birthday party that won’t break your budget.


1. Movie Night

This idea is super easy for a relaxing party at home. Invite some of your kiddo’s friends over with movie ticket-themed invitations. You can set up blankets, pillows, forts, etc to make the space as cozy as possible! Provide snacks such as popcorn and boxed candy for your guests to enjoy during the movie. Super easy, cheap, and stress-free!

2. DIY Carnival Themed Party

Your party guests can do so many fun kids activities with a carnival themed birthday party. Set up a few tables and cover them with tablecloths to create stations. Each station can be in charge of a different activity. Here are some ideas:    

– Guess how many candies are in a large jar or glass bowl. Fill the container with M&M’s or Mike & Ikes and have kids write their guesses on Post-it notes. At the end of the party, reveal how many candies were in the jar and reward the kid with the closest guess. 

If you have a basketball hoop or mini soccer goal, make this its own station. Let kids have a try at making it and award them with tickets.                                                                   

– Buy a small claw machine and fill it with small candies. 

– Buy a toss game banner and reward those who get the bean bag in with tickets.

– Set up some glass bottles and buy a few colored rings. Have the kids try to throw and get the rings on the bottles from a distance.

– Kids of all ages love bubbles. Set up a bubble station and let kids have the freedom of making their own bubbles! 

Buy some tickets to pass out to the kids for winning each carnival game. At the end of the party, the kids can trade in these tickets for prizes. You can buy fun prizes for cheap on Amazon or at the Dollar store.

3. Have a Picnic

This idea is fully customizable and might we add- very COVID safe. You can host this party in your backyard or even at a local park. Bring blankets and pillows for your guests to relax on and have fun with it. You can bring fun games and finger foods for your kids to stay busy with1 

4. Scavenger Hunt Party

Throw a party in your backyard! This idea is super easy and gives kids the opportunity to run around and use up their energy. Print out Scavenger Hunt Lists and pass them out to your party guests. Your scavenger hunt can be very simple and won’t require buying anything new. Provide prizes at the end for the kids to reward them for their search!

5. Book a Venue

Make it easy. If your schedule is booked and you feel you may not have time to plan out the nitty gritty, book a venue. There are so many fun kid-friendly places to choose from. The best part is the staff plan everything out for you including food, drinks, party decorations, and activities for kids. Kids love it and always have a great time! Ask your child if he or she has any ideas in mind. Here are some of our recommendations: K1 Speed, Skyzone, Jungle Gym, Escape Rooms, AdventurePlex, and more!

5+1. BumoWork

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