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10 Products That will Simplify Virtual Learning

Written by your friends at bümo.

We hope some of these products make not only your child’s life but also yours a little more stress-free.

This year, it’s important to fill the in-person school-sized void that our children are feeling. That means doing our best to minimize distractions, as well as making school look less like home and home look less like school. All kids need a designated spot for remote learning in order to help them focus, along with a designated routine. We hope that these products will help your children adjust as they learn from home. 

It’s critical to invest in ergonomic furniture that’ll allow your child to maintain good posture. This helps with their comfort and their focus. As many kids are liaising with teachers and classmates via tablets, this stand is “necessary so that a child’s hands are free of distractions, and their attention is focused on being ready to learn.”

Kids in middle grades study a variety of subjects, so an organizer like this is critical for helping them separate math work from writing, language studies from social studies, and so on. It’s recommended that you use these to help keep papers sorted and help your child prioritize what worksheets to focus on.

Making mathematics tangible is one of the best ways to help younger students (quite literally) grasp math concepts. “These foundational tools are key for helping children understand how to sort, count and value the magnitude of numbers,” says Paige Hirsch, a teacher and consultant with Plinkit. Math manipulatives are “essential academic learning tools for kindergarten and grades one and two.”

No matter how old your kid is, these removable and endlessly reusable dry erase squares “are a game-changer when used to create weekly or daily schedules,” says Laura Grill, chief academic officer with SchoolHouse, an educational support and tutoring company. The squares can be rearranged and written on over and over. They can be used for math equations, study notes, daily schedules, or, as Grill suggests, to “create word walls of frequently used or misspelled words.”

The 60-minute visual timer for kids and adults helps improve time organization and productive learning. It’s incredibly important to keep a routine for kids when they are at home and learning virtually. The whiteboard helps to keep track of a chore list, homework assignments, a workout routine and cooking. And, the countdown timer gives children a visual schedule to anticipate transition between rotating times.

Among the lessons learned in our months of distance learning last spring was that many children benefit from wearing a set of noise-cancelling or isolating headphones connected to their computers. “This is especially important when children are working in a communal space, but even if that’s not a concern, many children and teachers noted significant improvement in focus and attention” when headphones were worn.

For older kiddos, connect this ultra-lightweight keyboard to your tablet or mobile device to turn it into a laptop when you’re on the go. At under 10 inches long, students can throw it in a backpack or keep it handy at home for remote learning—especially if they’re using a school-issue tablet that doesn’t come with its own separate keyboard. It’s wrapped in a durable material that’s spill-proof and crumb-proof too.

For those who will be working at the kitchen table this semester, this table cloth might be a big help for the fidgety learner. Coloring is great for focus and stress relief. This cloth includes 10 washable markers, fun facts about various locations around the globe and is even machine-washable. Just throw it in the laundry and you can start coloring in your masterpiece all over again.

This desk is absolutely amazing for its price point. We really love this piece because it is a desk and chair all in one purchase. Both the chair and desk are adjustable, and we  love how it takes posture into consideration. The adjustable feature means it can grow with your little one. It also features a pull-out storage drawer for pencils, papers and crayons.

Smudgy fingers on devices are a real thing. Not only can smudges be annoying, but they can also be distracting. This handy little device can be used multiple times a day to clear off any smudgy screen residue. While not a disinfectant, it will help keep the screen clear to view. It’s great for the at-home classroom, or to throw in your bag for road trips.

Having physical elements in the room to draw boundaries between school and home will help you introduce routine into your child’s new normal. We hope some of these products make not only your child’s life but also yours, a little more stress-free.

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