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Help! Is My Child Overscheduled?

It seems like everywhere you turn, there’s a new activity that your child has to try. Nowadays, most of these have become virtual, which undoubtedly minimizes the amount of frenzied last-minute car rides to practice, rehearsal, class, etc. That being said, it’s easier than ever to sign up your little one for a multitude of activities online, perhaps even too many. How do you know when to stop? We all have the best intentions when it comes to wanting our children to broaden their horizons, expand their minds, and try new things, but at a certain point, too many things on their agenda do more harm than good. If you’re intent on making sure that your child avoids burning out, we’ve found some good places to start.

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Involve Them In A Variety of Activities

While academic classes offer a plethora of benefits to your child’s growing mind, don’t forget about sports and other physical activities as well! Did you know that children actually retain more information and have overall improved learning with it’s combined with movement? Lucky for you, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. BumoBrain offers a wide array of Live Classes which integrate both learning and physical activity. Say goodbye to those dreaded days of repeating the ABCs over and over — now, they can learn foundational concepts while dancing and singing! By involving your child in a diverse range of classes, they’ll be able to explore new things and find out what they’re actually passionate about!

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Find Balance

The quickest way for your child to burn out is to overschedule them. It’s great to fill some of their time with different ways to stay engaged, but make sure that they’re not missing out on doing what they do best — being a child. There’s a lot to be said for children being able to embrace their creativity by having unstructured free time. If you are signing your child up for online classes, make sure they’re not back-to-back. Having adequate time for breaks will help them do and feel their best! As much as we face Zoom fatigue from too much screen time, so do kids. If they do have multiple classes each day, prepare snacks and other unplugged activities so they feel refreshed for their on-screen ones.

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Make Sure They're Signed Up For What Interests Them

It can be all too easy to project our own wants and desires onto our kids, but it’s essential to let them explore for themselves and really develop their own passions and interests. Are they curious about learning a new language? Have them give Mandarin, Korean, Tagalog, or Spanish a try! If they’re too young to voice their opinions, engaging them in foundational learning classes will undoubtedly benefit them on their academic journey. If you’re worried about them not getting enough time with their friends, BumoBrain’s classes and programs are a great way for them to connect with their peers and teachers in an intimate class size where they’ll belong and feel part of a community of little learners!

Are you still unsure that your child is involved in too many activities, or not enough? By simply asking yourself that question, you’re halfway to finding the solution. Communicate with your child and ask them what their feelings are on the matter. Maybe they’ve been dying to try a new class or really need some free time to unwind and relax. As parents, we don’t have all of the answers, but making our children feel heard, and respecting their voice and time, are the most important parts of parenting in our book.

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